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Delays with Rail – Tauranga to Auckland

We have been advised of delays increasing from Tauranga to Auckland Metroport.  Please see below release from the Tauranga Container Terminal:

There have been a couple of services cancelled due to issues on the network.

We know many of you were expecting cargo today. We have essentially slid everything back on the trains we have lost - i.e. it should arrive tonight if it was supposed to arrive today; or tomorrow for the cargo that was arriving tonight etc.

We are expecting services to start running again shortly and are working with the Kiwirail team to secure replacement services.

For all future bookings, Approximately two weeks from discharge is when we will begin to look at moving general cargo and one week for priority units. 

We are still doing our best with all available resource to manage an unprecedented number of containers waiting to rail to Metroport. 

We are currently working on maximising our train loads with old and prioritised cargo, with a strong focus on maintaining yard integrity, at both TCT & Metroport. 

Metroport is open 24/7 and we ask that you continue to uplift your units ASAP, to ensure we can continue to keep cargo moving.  

NB: With such demand for Metroport rail, currently containers can only be prioritised before they discharge the vessel. 

Once they have landed in the yard as general cargo, we cannot control their position or other containers landing around them that may make them inaccessible.

We here at ACA will keep you updated on the situation. We do have options for urgent containers to be trucked. These need to be discussed and costed before the vessel arrives. Please contact us if this option needs to be looked at.