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Patricks Terminal Introduce Container Weight Amendment Fee

The stevedore, Patrick Terminals, has introduced a new innovation that aligns with SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Convention called the Pondus Stand.  The SOLAS Convention requires shippers to declare the verified gross mass of containers prior to shipping.  Knowledge of the correct weight allows for the safe loading of vessels.

The straddles that handle import and export containers within Patrick Terminals have scales however they are not 100% accurate. If the straddle detects a significant weight difference compared to what was declared, this container will be taken to the Pondus Stand for a check weigh.  This weighing solution also allows parties to better meet their Chain of Responsibility obligations.

If the container is within one metric tonne of the declared weight by the shipping company then no charge will apply. If however the weight is +/- one metric tonne of the declared weight, a charge will be levied.

In implementing  this process Patrick Terminals have said:

“It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that the correct gross weight of an import or export container is documented.

Patrick reserves the right to weigh a container within the terminal yard utilising a calibrated weighing device, the Pondus Stand. A Weight Amendment Fee for containers will apply to all containers determined by the Pondus Stand to have a weight variance of greater than +/- one metric tonne within the documented weight.

The Weight Amendment Fee for containers will be charged to the transport Carrier. Patrick will provide the Carrier with access to the amended weight (including a link to the certified weighing certificate) confirming the weight discrepancy. Containers determined to have a variance of less than +/- one metric tonne of the documented weight will not be subject to the charge and handled as per normal protocol."

Patrick Terminal Weight Amendment Fee: $250.00 + GST per container