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International Flight Suspension into Melbourne

The Victorian Government announced the suspension of international flights last week. The suspension related to passengers arriving at Melbourne airport. While lockdowns have thankfully been lifted in Victoria the suspension of passengers into Melbourne still remains in place for the time being

As with previous suspensions on international flights into Melbourne, it refers to returning passengers.  Flights continue to come to Melbourne, the below is an overview of major origins into Melbourne.  If you have any questions on other airlines flying from these points or other origins, please discuss with your customer service contacts.


Singapore Airlines operating daily flights to Melbourne.


Malaysian Airlines  is operating passenger flights   as cargo. As with the previous lockdowns, cancellations are going to occur and then via Sydney will need to be reviewed but we can only assess at the time a shipment is ready.

New Zealand:   

Auckland - Flights to Melbourne  still operate  both cargo and passenger as cargo flights but is reduced and under space pressure.  The alternative is to move to Melbourne via Sydney services.  Space from NZ to Melbourne has backlogged with delays of over a week.


Services to Sydney , airline pallets stripped  in Sydney and then fed down to Melbourne via truck adding around 1.5 days to the transit time . This will remain in place until international flights resume to Melbourne.  


Qatar airlines & Singapore Airlines  still operating daily services into Melbourne.

Emirates – service currently suspended to Australia.

Cathay – service currently suspended to Australia.

China and Hong Kong:


China Eastern Airlines  will service PVG/MEL  Day 2,4,5,7 with passenger aircraft but carrying cargo only. Deferred services via China Southern are also available.


China Southern weekly flights into Melbourne , uplift days to confirmed, your customer service contact will update  you upon request.  

Singapore Airlines- operating daily services between CAN-SIN and SIN-MEL

Hong Kong:

Cathay – service currently suspended to Australia.

Singapore Airlines -operating daily services between HKG-SIN and SIN-MEL


Singapore Airlines operate daily KIX - SIN and Daily SIN - MEL.  

Flights and services will continue to be cancelled or suspended with short notice due to various factors.  COVID -19 related issues such as airline staff quarantine rules, origin and destination government concerns with COVID-19 processing at hubs , weather conditions , cargo configuration (i.e. insufficient cargo to uplift or surges resulting in backlogs).

Rates will remain volatile and change at short notice up to the time of departure.