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Sydney Empty Yard Congestion Fees

We have previously reported that Empty Container Yards in Sydney are now at, or exceeding, capacity as a result of shipping operators inability to load for export both full and empty containers.(Sydney Continues to Experience Empty Container Park Issues)

Terminal operators have capped the amount of exchange of containers on vessels in order to process them faster through their terminals in order to clear the import backlog.

We have widely reported on the congestion in Sydney and other terminals caused through Industrial action.  Together with increased imports into Australia, there has been a significantly reduced load of export containers (both full and empty). This has resulted in a growing accumulation of empty containers in every yard in Sydney and they are unable to continue to receive new containers.

Trucking companies are having to hold empty containers and reschedule delivery at a later point and are incurring lifting, holding and additional cartage costs that they are passing onto ACA International.

To date we have worked to avoid these fees but unfortunately trucking companies are passing these fees on and ACA International will need to pass these onto the importer.

The fees do vary according to the trucking company, however, are around $200 per container.  ACA International will invoice at cost and apply a $25.00 administration fee per invoice raised.

This applies to containers in Sydney ports and if there are any changes to other ports, we will inform you through our newsletters.

Obviously, we are sorry that these fees have to be passed on however it is a direct result of the massive backlog caused in terminals in Sydney over the past 6 months.  Hopefully if terminals can continue to improve turnaround these capped exchanges will be removed and there will be a gradual reduction in the backlog of imports and that will also see a removal of the costs currently being incurred by trucking operators.