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Tug Operator Hit by Industrial Action

We have been advised that Svitzer Australia (a Maersk subsidiary), the tug operator responsible for the berthing or departure of vessels into Australian ports, will be subject to Industrial action from the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) as a result of the two not being able to reach an enterprise agreement.

As per this advisory from Maersk (Customer Advisory - Svitzer Industrial Action) there will be action on 3 separate occasions, starting with yesterday’s action.  This will slow down the arrival and departure of vessels from terminals and it will result in further backlog forming in terminals around Australia.   

As detailed in the above advisory, you will see that a number of vessels will be delayed by up to 4 days at different ports from their original berthing window as a result of the industrial action.

We will keep updating via our Import and Export Customer service and transport teams, however, please expect to see  further disruption as a result of this new action.