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Further Vessel Schedule Changes - A3 - Central Express - Schedule Recovery (2)

In October the A3 Central Express consortium (ANL/COSCO/OOCL) had advised of a number of changes to help get their vessel scheduling back on track (Vessel Schedule Changes - A3 - Central Express - Schedule Recovery).

The consortium advises of further significant changes. 

Rather than the original port rotation changes vessels will omit ports as outline in the below

ANL GIPPSLAND V048S ETD Shanghai 16 November will omit Melbourne

OOCL MIAMI V069S ETD Shanghai 18 November will omit Sydney

COSCO INDONESIA V098S ETD Shanghai 27 November will omit Sydney

SEAMAX STRATFORD V104S ETD Shanghai 2 December will omit Melbourne

The changes are designed to get scheduling back into weekly rotation to provide an overall better service. Peak season loader vessels will be used to support the omission however the above changes will have an impact on arrivals of cargo into the omitted port.

Your customer service or sales representative will assist you with further information.