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COVID-19 Case on COCSO Antwerp Adds to Ongoing Delays

The operators of COSCO Antwerp Voy. 163N/164S, which runs on the AAA2 service, have advised that the crew have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive case.

As a result, the Singapore Port Authority has not permitted the vessel to enter Singapore on 24 October as scheduled.  This has impacted on export movements from Australia to Singapore and onward transshipment schedules and it will also impact on the return southbound voyage to Australia.

The AAA2 service operates between South East Asia calling Singapore, Port Kelang and then Fremantle, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.  The region has been severely impacted by increased imports from the area and the impact of the widely reported vessel delays in Australian ports.

OOCL, one of the operators on this this service (as well as AAA1 and ASA), suspended new bookings from week 40 to week 43 because of the significant backlog that had developed in their system because vessels were caught up along the Australian coastline due to port congestion widely reported in our news-alerts.

There has been a major knock on impact to the other services operating from South East Asia to Australia service with a many restrictions in place on accepting new bookings.  Carriers like Maersk and OOCL have restrictions on bookings to Sydney still in place and all carriers are now reporting major backlogs because of the OOCL suspension of service and delays in vessels reaching South East Asia to load containers. The difficulties of  equipment shortage continue to  plague all carriers creating further delay.  

We reported the Cyber Attack on ANL system earlier this month and while their system has been restored, the impact to their operation is being revealed at origins in South East Asia where they have identified vessels have been overbooked and they now have bookings that they are unable to load.  

On Friday, and over the weekend, ANL has started to cancel existing  bookings and unfortunately a number of ACA bookings have been effected.  Our space management team is working with the regional head office for ANL in Singapore and we expect some bookings will be re-instated  however there are going to be delays to shipments.

Your customer service and sales contacts will outline any impacts as soon as possible.