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Vessel Change - Haris Voy. 106S - Crew Member Tests Positive to COVID-19

Yesterday we advised that a member of the crew of the Haris has tested positive to COVID-19 (Vessel Delay - Haris Voy. 106S - Crew Member Tests Positive to COVID-19).  Today OOCL has advised that all containers must be unloaded from the Haris and will be re-shipped over the next two A3S sailings - OOCL Italy and OOCL Kuala Lumper.

This will have a significant impact to all containers loaded on OOCL Italy as it is expected the carrier will have to push containers from OOCL Italy to the OOCL Kuala Lumper to accommodate the containers off loaded from the Haris.

The MV Haris was brought in as a rescue vessel to alleviate backlog in China on the A3S sailings . We are very sorry to advise there will be delay in container loadings as a result and for the impact this will have but obviously the circumstances are beyond anyone’s control during this pandemic.