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COVID-19 Effecting Movement of Freight in India

During the past few weeks ACA has been working closely with our Indian office regarding the lockdowns and what it means for Shippers/Suppliers in the various parts of India.  Originally the lockdown was meant to have been lifted on the 3 May, then 17 May and it is now extended now till 31 May.

The various States will issue separate guidelines as to what restrictions apply in their State which is broken up into various RED, YELLOW or GREEN zones.  RED Zone represents COVID-19 hotspot which entails high level restrictions.

Where possible, some factories and busineses are able to open but they may be under resourced as some workers who have returned to their native place are restricted from returning to their workplace. Further to that transport companies are moving slowly and also limited to movements due the various zone being deemed RED, YELLOW and GREEN throughout the region.  

For example, a Shipper/Factory may be located in a Yellow Zone but unfortunately the trucking company may be located in a RED zone which means they cannot perform their task in collecting cargo from a YELLOW zone.  Also, if the trucking company is located in a GREEN or YELLOW zone, they are not permitted into the RED zones to collect and retrieve the ready cargo. These restrictions are on top of driver shortages as mentioned above and is reflected in service availability and pricing.

ACA International is speaking daily with our India office to ensure we keep up to date and act swiftly on cargo movement where permissible.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your ACA Client Service Representative.