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Shipping Lines Increasing the Use of Direct to Terminal Container Dehire Incurring Additional Costs

Shipping Lines have increased the need for our transport operators to return empty containers directly into stevedore terminals, rather than the designated Empty Container Parks (ECPs).  This change from ECP’s to stevedores for the return of empty containers is having a negative impact on operations and cost of our transport operators due to the following:

  • The need to procure limited time slots for dehire and the availability to coincide with drop off
  • Containers need to be double handled at by returning containers to yard whilst procuring slots
  • Longer truck turn arounds times
  • Stevedores will charge no shows and penalties for missed or late dehires whereas ECP’s do not charge such fees
  • Greater chance of container detention charges being levied by shipping lines for late returns due to the above co-ordination constraints

In recognition of these additional costs our transport operators will be immediately charging additional fees where the containers are to be dehired to the terminal rather than and ECP.  The various transport operators are living an additional amount ranging from $60 to $200 per container depending up the port and circumstances of the dehire.  Our pricing team will update you directly with these fees that apply to your containers in these circumstances.