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Lines Introduce Blank Sailing Programme During Chinese New Year

Shipping lines introduce a blank sailing programme to reduce excess tonnage during non-peak periods.  Our Pricing Manager, Shez Khan, gives you this update to the current programme being introduced to coincide with Chinese New Year. 

With the Chinese New Year holidays fast approaching, carriers have released their blank sailing programs during and after this period.  A blank sailing is where a consortium will omit a sailing from its schedule.  It is a method employed to control capacity during periods where volumes are lower.

Shipping Lines will use this process heavily during Chinese New Year and the weeks after and this will have impact obviously on the services removed and those consortiums with sailings during this period.

Below is a summary, however, we will update you as we learn of more blank sailings being added to the list provided.

The blank sailings will increase pressure on space during this period. Our Customer Service team will be able to discuss your forward bookings and if you could assist, this will help maximize the opportunity for loading on the desired vessel. ACA International will continue to work to limit any impact caused by the blank sailing programme.

The A3 consortium (consisting of carriers COSCO/ANL/OOCL) will have 2 consecutive blank sailings on the A3C service after Chinese New Year:

Week 8 - Vessel Cosco Felixstowe V. 131N

ETD Shanghai 23/2

ETD Ningbo 25/2

Week 9 - Vessel Cosco Rotterdam V. 127N

ETD Shanghai 2/3

ETD Ningbo 4/3

The A3S service will have one blank sailing in week 9:

Week 9 – Vessel OOCL Dubai V. 100N

ETD Kaohsiung 23/2

ETD Xiamen 24/2

ETD Shekou 26/2

ETD Hong Kong 27/2

On the direct CNS service there will be one blank sailing in week 9.

Week 9 – Vessel Kota Lihat V. 672N

ETD Hong Kong18/2

ETD Keelung 20/2

ETD Shanghai 23/2

ETD Ningbo 24/2

ETD Shekou 27/2

ETD Kaohsiung  1/3

The CAT/NEAX service (carriers TSL/YML) will have a blank sailing during week 9.

Week 9 – Vessel Seoul Express 057S

ETD Shanghai 28/2

ETD Ningbo 1/3

The AAUS/FA2 service (carriers HAM-SUD/HMM/MSC/APL) will have a blank sailing during weeks 9 and 13.

Week 8 – Vessel CAP FERRATO 665

ETD Xiamen 22/2

ETD Nansha 23/2

ETD Hong Kong 24/2

ETD Yantian 25/2

Week 13 – vessel schedule hasn’t been released at this stage, but we will update as we receive further information

Shez Khan
Pricing Manager