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Service Providers Introduce Infrastructure Levies

Following on from our notice in September (Qube Logistics Introduce International Terminal Fee) that Qube Logistics introduced a new fee called an International Terminal Fee other operators in Australia are following suit and introducing the fee this month.  It will range from $7 to $10 per cbm or, as Qube did, be a fixed amount of $30 per House Bill.

This new fee is introduced for similar reasons to the Stevedores Infrastructure Surcharges which are said to be introduced due to increased costs in operations on and arounds Australia’s port precincts.

A fee of between $15 and $20 per House Bill is also being introduced on Airfreight consignments.

Local carriers are also introducing an FCL Infrastructure levy of bewteen $13 and $25 per container.

Our pricing team will update you on the effect of the levies as they relate to your consignments by issuing new quotes in the coming days.